SUP Fundamentals

Our SUP Fundamentals course is designed to give you the confidence to paddle independently with friends and family in sheltered conditions. If you’ve mastered the basics and want to take your paddling further this course is for you. The course is split into two parts which can be completed individually or together; safety and rescue, and personal skills.

“I soon realised there is much more to being good than originally thought!” Mark, student

SUP Safety and Rescue

Part I: Safety and Rescue

You’ll learn key skills required to paddle safely with friends and family, and to be able help yourself and others in difficulty.

SUP Personal Skills

Part II: Personal Skills

Learn to paddle efficiently and effectively in sheltered conditions using a range of techniques and a variety of equipment.

Complete course

SUP Fundamentals evening course

Learn and hone both your personal paddling and safety and rescue skills over a series of four evenings.