Clean up Bristol Harbour – Fancy dress festival fundraiser


Our annual charity Bristol Harbour Festival paddle takes an environmental twist. Join SUP Bristol on the water on Sunday evening after the crowds have subsided and help us collect some of the rubbish that accumulates in our beautiful harbour; followed by drinks. For safety reasons this one is members only. 100% of proceeds to City to Sea to help stop plastic pollution at source. Fancy dress theme TBA (fancy dress compulsory!)

Date: Sunday 22 July 2018
Time: 17.00 – 19.30
Meeting point: Usual meeting point
Previous experience: Members only*
Includes: Board hire, litter picking equipment
Spaces available: 10 max

Hire a board and paddle with us to the centre. We’ll make the most of the paddleboards to access litter that the harbourmaster guys struggle to reach with larger boats, followed by well earned drinks afterwards!


100% of your money will go straight to City to Sea, a brilliant organisation working to stop plastic pollution at source, so that litter picks like this won’t be necessary in the future. Check out some of their amazing campaigns including Refill, Unflushables and Switch the Stick.

Sorry, for safety reasons you must have paddled with us previously and signed up for free membership on our website to attend. This is so we know you understand the basics of safely paddling in Bristol Floating Harbour.

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City to Sea are a non-profit organisation running campaigns to prevent marine plastic pollution at source. By engaging communities, working with retailers and lobbying manufacturers and government they’re reversing the trend for disposable items in order to safeguard our seas for the future.

Their vision (and ours) is for the world’s waterways and coastlines to be strewn with sticks, sand and seaweed … not plastic!

City to Sea are a small organisation with next to no overheads – for every £1 they receive, 97p goes directly into creating innovative, engaging and fun campaigns that get results.