We were busy over lockdown learning about our local river and the amazing people working to protect it. This page will become an archive of the inspiring Zoom conversations we’ve been having with everyone from activists to business owners, community groups to charities. Each episode offers real, useful advice on how we can all get involved to protect the Avon. 

“Stretching 75 miles from its source in Wiltshire, to its confluence with the River Severn in Bristol, the River Avon and its tributaries are the lifeblood of the area and they are under constant threat”
Bristol Avon Rivers Trust



#1 With Tim Wickstead & Lizzy Testani
(Friends of River Avon New Cut)

The New Cut was created in the 1800s during the construction of Bristol Floating Harbour. We’ll learn about this urban green corridor and the important wildlife hiding between its giant tides.

Date: Thursday 18 February, Time: 8-9pm

Recording coming soon

Clean up Bristol Harbour

#2 Chloe Juyon and John Peters-Coleman,
Clean up Bristol Harbour CIC

Clean Up Bristol Harbour is a monthly event inviting people to come along and pick up the floating rubbish that accumulates in our harbour. We’ll discuss how litter is affecting our waterways, the effect it has on the health of our waterways and what we can do about it.

Date: Thursday 25 February, Time: 8-9pm

Recording coming soon

#3 Natalie Fee, Founder, City to Sea

We chatted with local legend and award winning environmental campaigner, Natalie Fee, on a mission to stop plastic pollution. Our conversation ranged from how to stop pollution at source to how grassroots community action can challenge the system.

Date: Thursday 4 March, Time: 8-9pm

Recording coming soon

#4 Johnny Palmer, Warleigh Weir Project

Johnny was so determined to tackle water quality at an island beauty spot near Bath that he bought the land. We caught up with Johnny to chat about his campaign to get bathing water status for a stretch of Avon.

Date: Thursday 11 March

Time: 8-9pm

Recording coming soon

#5 Simon Hunter, Bristol Avon Rivers Trust

Bristol Avon Rivers Trust (BART) is working hard to protect our rivers for the benefit of people and wildlife. We’ll find out what they’re planning this year and what we can all do to get involved.

Date: Thursday 18 March

Time: 8-9pm

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